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Warranty and Return Policy

All your orders from asansorparcasi.com are sent to our customers by cargo. There are a few things to consider when delivering your order. Your orders will be delivered to the contracted cargo within 3 working days on average. The cargo reference number of your order is indicated by sending an e-mail to you about the order given to the cargo. Delivery is not made on Sundays due to the failure of cargo companies.


How do I receive the shipping package?

Since the cargo company competes over time, it wants to deliver the product and leave immediately, but there is a sensitive issue. The cargo form should not be signed until we receive your cargo package. Before signing the cargo report, please check if the box of your product is damaged due to transportation. If there is any damage in the box for any reason, please return your box for a record to the shipping officer without signing any delivery document. Your new products will be sent by us immediately. Asansorparcasi.com is not responsible for the damage or deficiency of the products in case of receiving damaged products.


Is there a deformation in the delivered package?

If there is any deformation in the package brought by the cargo company or if there is any doubt suggesting that the product inside may be damaged, open the package beside the cargo officer and check the physical status of your orders without signing the cargo form. If you do not see any problems you may sign the transmit form. If you think that the products inside the box are damaged in any way, do not take delivery of the products and request a cargo damage report from the cargo officer. (Please do not take the products that have been recorded.


The minutes will be exchanged and the products will be shipped to you again.


Broken, crushed, broken or damaged delivery.

The duty of the cargo company is to deliver your shopping from asansorparcasi.com safely to the right person by offering a safe transportation. If there is any damage to the product, you can go to the cargo branch and get a record. After the product is delivered to us with your record, your change will be done immediately.


To perform your return transaction;

The product to be returned must be shipped with the original package / box received. (Example: Products with cargo label affixed on the original box and taped with cargo duct tape are not acceptable.) The product must be returned as it was received.

The ‘Product Return Form yer on the back of the invoice must be completed completely.

The product to be returned must not be used.

Refund of products that have lost their resalability and cannot be purchased by another customer is not accepted.

If the product invoice is issued on behalf of the corporate company, you must send it with the ‘Return Invoice ilmiş issued by the institution for the return process, which is’ Product Unit Price + VAT kes. The invoice will not be completed unless the ‘Return Invoice’ is issued.

NOT: İade işleminizi gerçekleştirmeden önce, siparişinizle ilgili gerekli inceleme asansorparcasi.com İade Uzmanı tarafından yapılmaktadır. İade etmek istediğiniz ürünün incelenmesinin gerekli görüldüğü durumlarda, markanın yetkili servisine ya da tedarikçi firmaya kontrol için gönderilir. Ürün iade işlemleriyle ilgili olarak sadece asansorparcasi.com ile iletişime geçmenizi rica ediyoruz. Tüm iade talepleri asansorparcasi.com Müşteri Hizmetleri’ne bildirilmeli ve asansorparcasi.com ‘a gönderilmek üzere tarafınızdan kargo ile yollanmalıdır.


If you are not a taxpayer, when you return the product you received, you have to complete the information in our company's invoice related to the return section after signing it and return it to us with the product. Otherwise your refund will not be completed.


When Your Refund Process:

You will receive an information email automatically when your return is processed. The time it takes for your refund to reflect on your statement varies depending on your bank. Refund of the refunded amount to your statement as a plus balance takes place within 10 business days. asansorparcasi.com is not able to intervene in this process. In case of any delay, you can get detailed information from your bank.


You can safely pay for all your purchases.


All our products are sold to you from the respective manufacturer as original.


You can pay with your credit card for all your purchases.

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