Cargo and Transport Information

Cargo and Transport Information

You can send all your orders from to our customers with your cargo. You need to deliver your cargo company order.

How do I receive the shipping package?

Since the cargo company competes over time, it wants to deliver the product and leave immediately, but there is a sensitive issue. The cargo form is not signed until we receive your cargo package. Before signing the cargo report, check whether the product's box is damaged before shipping. Officially celebrate the record to be returned to the record. Size We will send you new products immediately. is not responsible for the option damage in delivery terms because the box is damaged.

Is there a deformation in the delivered package?

It can be sized for any deformation or different dimensions in the package brought by the cargo company. Sign the cargo cargo form do not see a nuisance. Please do not take the products that have been recorded. He should come back to

Broken, crushed, broken or damaged delivery.

Cargo company's entry from is to deliver your shopping to the right person by offering a safe transportation. You can get a record. Your exchange will be done immediately.


You can safely pay for all your purchases.


All our products are sold to you from the respective manufacturer as original.


You can pay with your credit card for all your purchases.

Easy Secure Shopping & Convenient Payment Options in Elevator!

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