Blain l10 ucm A3

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L 10 Description: L 10 Pressure Lock Valve; It is a solenoid controlled check valve designed for hydraulic lifts, which includes a self-closing manual descent valve. Its purpose is to allow oil flow from the pump unit (A) to the cylinder (B) during the upward movement and in the other direction to prevent the flow from B to A until the solenoid is energized.


The L 10 can be used as a backup safety valve for the landing system by placing it in the main cylinder line close to the elevator control valve, preventing the elevator from moving down against electrical or mechanical failures that may occur in the main control valve. Another application is to connect the L 10 directly to the hydraulic cylinder outlet to prevent bouncing in the hydraulic lift system due to oil trapping. Loose Rope Valve (LK) used in elevators with 2: 1 transfer ratio is optional. This valve prevents the piston from lowering if the cab is carried by the braking system or bumpers, preventing the occurrence of loose halt.

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